In 1981 Robert M. Currey created a better insurance procurement business model.  While four decades have passed, that model remains the foundation for the “RMC Process.”  By aggregating and leveraging internal and market data, the “RMC Process” drives and creates optimal insurance procurement in price and coverage.  It allows our staff to use real time analytics and data to the benefit of our clients.  Further, it removes the inherent conflict of interest and salesmanship that far too often undermines the traditional insurance purchasing function.

Too often insurance costs and covers what the broker can sell it for versus what it should cost under proper market competitive forces.   By removing insurance salesmanship and injecting competition, acumen and transparency amongst the brokers and carriers, the “RMC Process” allows the insurance to cover and cost what it should under fair, reasonable, judicious market competition.  Moreover, the “RMC Process” separates the educated insurance sellers (brokers/carriers) from the uneducated insurance buyer by injecting RMC into the process as a fiduciary for the insurance buyer.  Many buyers of insurance view it as a commodity.  It is not.  It is a contract negotiable both in price and in coverage terms. RMC brings unbiased expert advice to achieve these results for our clients, the buyers.

RMC has grown into the largest buyer of property and casualty insurance in North America over the last forty years by utilizing the business model created by Robert M. Currey and perfecting the “RMC Process.”  Stated simply, there is no better insurance purchasing function available.

Robert M. Currey & Associates:

  • Acts as Client’s outsourced Risk Management Department and first point of contact for any and all risk management-related matters.
  • Performs Due Diligence, reviewing existing insurance and current/anticipated exposures.
  • Orchestrates and negotiates all insurance purchasing functions via broker/carrier competitions to generate best available terms & conditions at most competitive cost.
  • Provides contract certainty and optimal risk transfer.


  • Markets client exposures under the direction of RMC to Insurance Carriers.
  • Carries out all communications with Insurance Carriers to secure terms & conditions requested by RMC.
  • Proposes structuring of Insurance Carriers to optimize pricing and coverage efficiencies.
  • Performs operational and administrative duties, including invoicing, coverage checklists, certificates of insurance, and provision of policy documents via Insurance Carriers.

Insurance Carrier:

  • Produces and underwrites Insurance Policy.
  • Collects premiums and pays claims as needed.

*More specifically defined within RMC Engagement Letters.