BACKGROUND:  In 2015, RMC orchestrated the consolidation of three Real Estate portfolios that were spread across two separate Client Insurance Programs.  Post consolidation, the resulting exposure basis amassed over 60M plus square feet, featuring primarily Industrial and Office risks. RMC ran the “RMC Process” and engaged multiple Brokers and Carriers for the opportunity to quote the General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Umbrella Liability Program.  RMC worked with all Brokers and Carriers to give them a full understanding of the Client’s history, losses, and contractual risk transfers.  

Upon completion of the process, RMC was able to garner results for all portfolios that provided beneficial results for the entire portfolio.  Two of the portfolios saw 63% and 71% premium reductions over expiring.  The third portfolio saw a 31% pricing reduction, while also benefitting from the removal of a $25,000 deductible held under the previous policy.  Furthermore, the Umbrella Liability limit was increased from $25M to $100M, while mitigating the premium costs to do so.  RMC also utilized its’ internal RMC specifications within the competition, with the winning Broker being able to provide approximately 90% of coverage requests.  This provided all of the portfolios with more broad and comprehensive coverage than under their respective, expiring programs.  Assuming a 7% cap rate, it is estimated that Client has added $7.6M in value by electing to engage in the RMC Process.